Tamkeship GmbH & Co. KG


Who we are

Tamkeship GmbH & Co. KG is a family-owned shipping company based in Jork, which is specialized in the operation of midsize container vessels in worldwide trade. The shipping activities of the Tamke family reach back to the year 1935. This family tradition is successfully continued today in the third and fourth generation.

Our ships sail under German and European flags and are managed in-house with the utmost care. This simple structure in combination with reputable reliable partners enables us to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the vessels at all times and to provide the full range of ship management services.

In addition we dedicate ourselves to the training of seafarers in order to ensure our standards of highly qualified maritime personnel as well as to make our contribution to maintaining maritime know-how in Germany.

Our team

Delf Tamke

Managing Director


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Dennis Tamke

Managing Director


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Meike Tasci

Managing Director


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Renè Rabeler

Purchaser / Crew Superintendent


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Our history

We have been proud owners and operators of a renowned shipping company for generations. Over the years, our family has owned a total of 21 ships. Each of these ships has its own history, but some are particularly memorable and have set important milestones in our family tradition.

We are proud to continue the legacy of our ancestors and to carry our experience and passion for shipping into the future. Our homepage offers an insight into our history, our values and our current activities.


Founded by the 1st generation, Diederich Tamke

1935 - 1943

On January 5, 1935, Captain Diederich Tamke started into self-employment when he purchased the three-masted schooner GRETE. Four days later, he changed the name to HELMA and became the first generation to lay the foundations for the tradition of the Tamke shipping family. On April 24, 1943, HELMA was lost due to the war.

1962 - 1970
WIKING (#1)​

In August 1962, Diederich Tamke took over the modern quarter-decker WIKING, whose name he kept. The name WIKING was to become synonymous with the Tamke shipping company, and other names from Nordic mythology were added.


The 2nd generation takes over, Dietrich Tamke

1970 - 1983

In the years between 1970 and 1990, six more newbuildings followed, which were built at the Sietas shipyard for the Tamke family. The WIDUKIND completed the transformation from conventional cargo shipping to container shipping with a capacity of 150 TEU.

1984 - 1993
WIKING (#3)​
WIKING (#3)​

In 1984, on November 2nd, the next WIKING, a multipurpose freighter with 751 TEU, was handed over to Dietrich Tamke. The WIKING was not only the new flagship of the Tamke fleet, but also the largest newbuilding to pass the Estesperrwerk in Neuenfelde up to that time.

1993 - 2007

The next newbuilding no longer came from the Sietas shipyard, but from the Kvaerner Warnowwerft in Warnemünde.


The 3rd generation is also on board, Dirk Tamke

2004 - 2010

The WIELAND was the second of three new container ships that the Tamke family had built at the Stocznia Szczecinska shipyard in Szczecin. The 22,9000 tdw and 1739 TEU WIKING was the first freighter from Szczecin in 1997 and was followed by the WIDUKIND in 2007.

2011 - 2016
WIDAR (#2)​
WIDAR (#2)​

In 2011, the Tamke shipping company broke two new grounds with the WIDAR. For the first time a ship was built outside Europe in faraway China and in addition the first bulk carrier was integrated into the fleet.


Meike Tasci takes over the management of the company


The 4th generation joins the company, Delf Tamke & Dennis Tamke